Garden design online consultancy

I am an Italian architect and garden designer, offering consultancy for private gardens in Italy, the UK and overseas.

Italian design is universally renowned for harmony, proportion and balance.

Rooted in Classical and Renaissance Art, the Italian Garden is a well-proportioned space which offers quiet contemplation of beauty, history and lanscape and a full enjoyement of life.

  • Design of architectural features in the garden
  • Mediterranean - Dry Gardens
  • Therapeutic Gardens
  • Conceptual and Theme gardens for Shows, Companies and Individuals
  • Landforms and astronomy-related Gardens
  • Naturalistic Planting Design


Naturalistic Planting Design

The naturalistic garden is a very interesting field of experimentation, as well as a style that I particularly love.

It is inspired by plant associations observed in nature and evolves including ecological and scientific aspects, studies on the sociology of plants and human psychology.

It is driven by aesthetic, therapeutic, but also economic and sustainability goals, such as reducing maintenance and increasing biodiversity.

I was lucky to meet some protagonists of this new wave: Piet Oudolf and Noel Kingsbury, James Hitchmough and Nigel Dunnett, Thomas Rainer and Cassian Schmidt and to follow their seminars and workshops, and I started designing naturalistic gardens in the Mediterranean area.

Garden projects overseas

I designed a private urban garden in Scotland.

I partecipated to Garden Masterclass "Thursday Garden Talk" - 06/05/2021